Wednesday, December 16, 2015

PSA Reflection

I am doing a project right now that you have to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement). My group decided to do our PSA on terrorism. We have to also connect it to the progressive era. It also has to have modern day terrorism in it also so we connected ISIS for the modern day and then we had Red Scare and the KKK for the progressive era.

I learned that there are ways to pick your partners and there are ways you need to pick a partner. I have learned a lot more about the way you can look at things in life like not making people mad at you because in the Red Scare era people would loss their jobs because someone that didn’t like them would accuse them as being a terrorist. They would loss their job and people would not want to communicate with them any more.

I learned a new way that you can get a message across to the world about how to make a PSA that people will watch and learn something about them. I understand the PSA’s that I have watched before the ones that are emotional I never really got them if didn’t really have an impact on me. Now since I made one and I understand the things that are in there that they are actually real I think back and they really hit me and I realize that someone lived through some of the horrible things that you see on those PSA’s.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cancer night reflection

The cancer night was good for my group but not too well for me. I was at home sick and I had to have my group say my parts for the presentation. I heard that cancer night was fun but also stressful because some of the people were nervous. There was a lot of different steps that all of the groups had to take to maybe make sure their information is correct or maybe to find a person that had that type of cancer that everyone could relate to. The person that my group picked was Walt Disney he died of lung cancer he had primary lung cancer so that means that is started in his lungs and it grew from there. In some cases some cancers start somewhere else and travel in your bloodstream to another location in your body.   
    The cancer night was cool because we got to make things out of clay and be creative and think of things that other people might sell. It got a lot of people in from the community to come in and look at all the different things we do and for some parents it shows what their kid can do. There was a lof of challenges my group faced but I know that a lot of groups had to tear their board down and do it again so I would say that we did good because we didn’t have to do that.
    I heard that is wasn’t hard to present you just had to be calm and interact with the people watching you and then they would like what you were saying and that they would give you feedback and people met new people in our community. I also heard that there was a lot of groups that had someone tell them that they are right on their information because they had that type of cancer or they knew someone that had it. It was good to hear that people liked what we did and that we interacted with the community.
    I did good at the beginning of the trimester then I fell off a lot at the end with kingdom sketches. I just need to be on top of my work more I need to keep my focus on what I need to get done and I can do it just got distracted this trimester with messing around some at the end.


This blog post is about what I thought I did good with in my grades for this last trimester in leadership.
I have grown in agency a lot this trimester I have been doing things on time and growing with do things as fast as I can but the best I can because sometimes when teachers see you doing your best and they will reward you for that. You may not think people ever look at you but they do they want to push you to do your best so they will make things harder sometimes and that's how I got in the mind set that I was going to get good agency. Agency used to be my worst grading point and the one time that one big thing was do and I had 10 minutes to do it and it was going to take me 20 minutes and I got it done in about 15 and the teachers took it so I was going to be on top of my grades the rest of the time.
I think the worst learning outcome I learned at was written communication. I’m not very good at writing in any class I can comprehend I just can’t make the pieces of my writing fit together. When we had to write a paper on a legislative law that we thought that we needed to have a debate about and I had to have people peer review it because I didn’t want any grammar errors. I had some I’m just not confident on writing I don’t give myself any credit for writing anything.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Challenge 4

 Blogging Challenge 

This is about football it all the picks show how football works and the things that happen. The one were they are shaking hands at the end shows how people are a good sport after they get beat or they one. They one were the team is with their helmets up in the air is showing how they are a team. Then there is some were it shows people running and getting hit it shows that this sport is hard and it is a lot of contact. The picture right above the one with the teams shaking hands is were the kid is looking for a team mate to pass to. Its not like when you get the ball you run it's not that easy. You have to have people who block for you other ways you are going to get tackled. A lot of people think that playing foot ball is easy some times it is but all most all the time you have to run the plays right and remember them you have to make a decisions and do a lot of things right of the top of your head. The game is a team sport is what it all comes down to and the people on the field they might dislike you but when your shaking hands it's like you just made a new friend.

This website let me get these pictures with out author attribution. The website is.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Challenge #1

Student Blogger Challenge

 The ten people I would want to meet in my life.

1.Jeff Gordon- How did you think that you were going to be when you were racing sprint cars.

2.Steve Kinser- How is the fame in World of Outlaws?

3.Kraig Kinser How does it feel to know that you dad and your grandparent races in World of Outlaws?
4.Dave Darland- When you went to Australia to race was it better that in the U.S.?

5.Mark Kinser- How does it feel that your son and your grand son is racing in World of Outlaws?

6.Dale Earnhard- How did the Daytona 500 win feel?

7.Shaun White- When did you know snowboarding was what you wanted to do?

8.Michael Jackson- How did you come up with the moon walk?

9.Kiss- How did you guys take off and get popular?

10.Robby Gordon- Do you like Stock cars or Short course trucks better?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16, 2013                                
Welcome to my e-portfolio and this is for LA in 7th grade and I am going to upload some of my work from this class and I will tell you some of my things that we do and how we do it.  I will also ask all the people out there for help on somethings like homework or ever if I have a question on how to even find a good website for a something. You will hopefully look at my e-portfolio once then you will keep looking at it and giving me your opinions and if you have a e-portfolio and you want some more people to look at I would like it if you tell me what the name is and I will look it up.